What Does A Misspelled Name And A Boy Who Thought He Was A Cowboy Have To Do With A Creative Company?

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EUIN? Cowboy Jim?

You may be thinking our name EUIN is just a semi-clever way to say things like, “Are EUIN?” or “EUIN to this amazing creative?” Though this is a pretty cool coincidence it is not the true story around our name. The facts are a bit blurry, but when our owner/ECD Jeremy Brazeal was born his dad was so nervous and excited to finally father a man child he spelled his middle name wrong. Or, some might say he just had horrible handwriting. Either way, this was the first step in Jeremy’s unconventional approach to life. Fast forward a few years to when Jeremy was 3 he decided for the next few years he would only respond to the name Cowboy Jim. Why only a few years you might ask? Well, in 1977 a small obscure film named Star Wars was released and Cowboy Jim’s life was forever changed. Space cowboys, droids, aliens and an evil empire to conquer, who can resist that?

Who is Jeremy Euin Brazeal? 

He is Owner/Executive Creative Director at EUIN Creative. Kicked out of Montessori School at four-years-old, Jeremy has always kept his head in the creative clouds. It all started when his mom gave him the book Gia and the 100 Pieces of Bubble Gum when he was 3 years old. His love for graphic design and art grew from there and led to study illustration at Savannah College of Art and Design then on to a degree in design from the University of Connecticut. He is always a creator of culture, curiosity and collaboration wherever he goes. He loves to geek out on all things pop culture with his nerdy family from Star Wars to Sci-Fi to Marvel. He also spends an enormous amount of time riding and racing his bicycle. You know, not grown-up stuff.

As a Creative Director and Executive Creative Director Jeremy has led and helped build successful internal creative agencies at The LEGO Group and The Coca-Cola Company.

Some of Jeremy’s areas of focus are Agency Building • Creative Leadership • Team Management • New Business Development • Process Improvement and Implementation • Innovation • Content Strategy • Business Strategy • Brand Strategy • Brand Development • Digital Development • Video Production • Communications Strategy • Marketing Campaigns.

Want to find out more about Jeremy or just talk about building agencies, creative exploration, bike racing or Star Wars reach out to [email protected]!

What Are EUIN For? 

It’s a simple question, but the answer gets more complex every day. The approach to strategy, creative development, design and marketing is constantly changing and morphing. The way all of us interact with and consume content adapts with the rapid advances of the technology that is feeding us. EUIN understands that for your business to have a chance to reach the people you want and engage with them on a personal level you need a creative team that is a custom build for your needs. Our business model is built around this truth and allows us to handpick the right talent for what you need accomplished regardless of the ask. Our ethos based culture and approach to collaboration then allows us to seamlessly become an integrated part of your team. To be honest, we are super stoked to work with you.